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Patent Sample 2 – Electro Mechanical Engineering

United States Patent      (10) Patent N0.: US 8,915,766 B1

Kolchin           (45) Date of Patent: Dec. 23, 2014

(71) Applicant: Dmitriy Kolchin, Orange, CA (US)
(72) Inventors: Dmitriy Kolchin, Orange, CA (US)
( * ) Notice: Subject to any d1scla1mer, the term of this patent is extended or adjusted under 35. U.S.C. 154(1)) by 0 days.
(21) Appl.No.: 14/284,903
(22) Filed: May 22, 2014
(65) Prior Publication Data
US 2014/0117866 A1 May 1,2014
Primary Examiner – Robert Rose
(74) Attorney, Agent or Firm – Law Office Of Ilya Libenzon


A knife sharpener includes a knife holder in which a knife is inserted so that an edge of the knife is exposed, at least one edge sensor, configured to detect the edge of the knife, at least one abrader, the at least one abrader having a sharpening surface angled to meet an edge of the knife at a sharpening angle of one side of the knife, a motive mechanism connected to the holder and the at least one abrader, and a computing device in communication with the edge sensor and the motive mechanism, and configured to cause the at least one abrader to traverse the edge of the knife using the motive mechanism, in response to the at least one edge sensor. A method for knife sharpening involves directing the abrader to traverse the edge of the knife, responsive to input from an edge sensor.