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Patent Sample 3 – Software Engineering

(12) United States Patent      (10) Patent No.: US9,164,667B2

Speer et al.           (45) Date of Patent: Oct. 20, 2015


(71) Applicant: Luminoso Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA (US)

(72) Inventors: Robert Speer, Cambridge, MA (US); Yuri Vishnevsky, Cambridge, MA (US)

(73) Assignee: Luminoso Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA (US)

( * ) Notice: Subject to any disclaimer, the term of this patent is extended or adjusted under 35 U.S.C. 154(b) by 456 days.

(21) Appl.No.: 13/840,009

(22) Filed: Mar. 15,2013

Primary Examiner – Cesar Paula
Assistant Examiner – Mohammed-Ibrahim Zuberi
(74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm – Law Office of Ilya Libenzon


A system and related method are disclosed for rendering a set of words linked to an n-dimensional vector space in a word cloud rendered from a two-dimensional projection of the vector space, where the user can click and drag a word, and the subspace and projection thereon will shift to place the word where the user has dragged it in a new projection, and the other words in the cloud will shift correspondingly, offering the user new insights. The importance of words in a document set is represented by word size, and relatedness between words demonstrated by color similarity.