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Top 5 inventions that are going to change the world

What incredible inventions will change our future? We have already learned from the “Top 6 the most fascinating inventions of the last years” list what discoveries from the past decades had shaped our present. Maybe right now while you are reading these lines some brilliant inventor thinks over an idea or even implements something groundbreaking. Floating houses, water-powered cars and space drones, gene editing and complete cancer treatment… One cannot predict the future, some people would even say that it is a fool’s game and you cannot tell for sure what discovery will come up the next day. But following rising ideas and predictions, we can at least form a list of top 5 inventions that could one day change the world. Let’s flip the coin and see what to expect.

Computing and robotics

Computing and artificial intelligence are going to conquer the tech world in the twenty-first century. Good news for researchers and AI fans. Millions or even billions of dollars have been already invested in this sphere and a list of well-known companies and business owners, who show their constant interest in AI, continues to grow. It is no longer just a futuristic idea, but a reality that took solid roots in our everyday life.
Imaging systems, intelligent robots and speech recognition… We could hardly imagine the implementation of these technologies a few decades ago, but now they are widespread in many spheres.
The recent introduction of mobile virtual personal assistants proved to be probably the biggest artificial intelligence leap forward. Now you do not need to flip through the seemingly endless contacts list or spend hours on finding the matching reply to your question. It is now enough to make an inquiry or give a command.
The system itself may be imperfect or immature, but the prospects of its development and growth are simply endless. We only need to wait and see where will it take the humanity in a few years.

“Smart” window

Light is a source of life. It illuminates our day-to-day routine, inspires and, curiously enough, may be viewed as a high-tech venture. Intrigued? Let me dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It is not actually the light that is going to revolutionize our future but the intelligent windows able to convert the sun energy into warmth for buildings heating. Need to cut down the sunlight that gets in your house during the hot season? No problem. The window darkens in the summer. According to the research statements, it allows to cut the building costs up to 20%. Good investment, isn’t?

Advanced batteries

Millions have been pumped into the advanced batteries development. The high rise of smartphones and wearable gadgets boost the necessity of flexible, fast changing batteries to feed our devices. That it why the plethora of new discoveries has been made throughout the entire world. Let’s just count: air-breathing batteries, that use oxygen and last five times longer; a plant pot, that applies the energy of photosynthesis to charge your device; nanowire batteries, a thousand times thinner than a human hair, can become a source of simply endless power; soft aluminum-ion battery that needs only a minute to charge your smartphone and can be applied for any gadget; foam, laser-made and Sodium-ion chargers. The list can be extended with many other items. What should be remembered is that the opportunities in this field are simply immense and no one probably knows what to expect in a few years.


A quite confusing term that means nothing else than a type of self-healing plastic. Combining the properties of glass and plastic, it renews its surface when heated and can repair cracks on your favourite gadget. This useful invention can not only save you a few bucks but, according to the forecasts, be used in medicine to heal wounds.

The wake-up device

Turning from serious discoveries to funny ones. The wake-up machine or, better to say, the video of its implementation on practice has won the Internet. Waking up in the morning and leaving your comfortable bed in the most difficult daily routine for millions of people. To speed up and probably to vivify the process, an inventor decided to construct an alarm clock that slaps you in the face to get you out of bed. The mechanism consists of a motor, an alarm clock and a rubber arm connected to it. After such morning greeting your will get awake in a few seconds and won’t forget that it is time to get up.
Complex, useful, stunning, indispensible, life-changing, revolutionizing and engaging… You will probably provide your own adjectives to describe new, original discoveries that beyond any doubt will alter the world. This amazing list proves: one should never be afraid to dream and all your ideas will surely come true.