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Top 6 the most fascinating inventions of the last years

Can you count how many inventions have been made during the last few years? It’s a great challenge, isn’t it? There are millions or even billions of different discoveries that caused revolutions and even turned the course of history. They saved people’s lives, improved our daily routine and defined the future of science. Even if today people may doubt the validity of an invention, consider it ridiculous, unnecessary or even stupid, tomorrow the situation may change completely. Of course, some of them may be so weird that you may need to see them to believe that they do exist. So, let’s try to count the most fascinating and unusual, but yet popular inventions that may get into your shopping list.

Sunglasses for dogs

Have a dog? Then you should definitely buy your tailed pet doggles. Just imagine his stylish look during the morning or evening walk! These sunglasses for dogs were specially designed not only to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare, but also to keep out dust, wind and assist during the dry eye syndrome, when dog’s eyes do not produce tears. It’s the right and quite popular accessory among those dog lovers, who want to keep their favorites happy and healthy. Excellent solution for dogs and prosperous business for the startup owners, who have definitely knew why their startup needed a patent.

Virtual pet

Speaking about pets, you should definitely remember Tamagotchi. This tiny pet simulation device had its heyday back in the nineties and was extremely popular not only among kids, but among adults, who did not want to take the responsibility for real pets, as well. Now this device made its great return with a few upgrades that promise to restore the long forgotten popularity of this toy. So, get ready as the sleepless nights and broken hearts are yet to come.

The human-like robot

You do not have enough time to look after a pet and even your Tamagotchi does not receive enough of your attention and care? Maybe a lifelike humanoid robot will keep you a company? ChihiraAico, created by the Toshiba Company, resembles a 32-year-old Japanese woman and is not only able to communicate like a human, express facial emotion, but also can take care about people with brain diseases. Some consider this invention quite creepy, others camp out only to take a look at it, as they believe it to be an ideal rescue from the loneliness.

The Weight Watch Belt

From pets and robots to accessories. The weight watch belt is a visual reminder that will definitely stop you from eating your favorite sweets and the tastier bakery from a store around the corner. As you put on weight the built-in motors let the belt loosen itself and free more space for your belly, indicating the exact waist size.

Happy Smile Trainer

The inventors of this device claim that it trains your face muscles, mouth and jaw, forming a picture perfect smile. A couple of dollars and five minutes a day biting a piece of plastic this is the price of the ideal smile. Believe it or not, but these so-called self-improvement devices are flying off the shelves, bringing happiness to customers and a good income to their inventors. So keep smiling, no matter what.

Self-driving cars

It is probably the easiest and the safest way to travel around the city without actual driving. After the push of a button you can seat and relax while the smart car will navigate though your city streets. The high rate of the traffic accidents, where the human factor is involved, increases the importance of such technology implementation. Having a self-driving car is no longer a dream of a futuristic idea, especially when the inventors promise to release up to 10 million of these autonomous cars on the roads by 2020.

Printed food, levitating lighthubs, dogbrellas, slow melting ice-cream, hoverboards, bananas that prevent blindness and a host of other things. It may take a million of pages to complete the list of the most interesting, useful and weird inventions. And for sure there are far more fascinating breakthroughs the future has in store for us. Who knows, maybe you will become the next great inventor and win general recognition?

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